What we do

  • Delta provides special services, into critical sectors of European economy like Materials, Construction and Industry.
  • Nanotechnology principles are combined with the materials science and technology for production of hybrid, composite and multifunction materials.
  • Delta designs advanced materials in order to address solutions in common problems like corrosion, fouling and mechanical reinforcement.
  • Delta provides services for the design of machince equipment for pilot production lines and NDT characterization.
Protective Coatings

Nanocomposite coatings including tow or more phases with at least one dimension in the nanoscale. Nanocomposite coatings are constantly evolving, offering new properties in coatings like scratch resistance, super hydrophobic, self cleaning and corrosion resistance. Desalination of brackish water: Nanocomposite coatings for electrochemical processing. Marine Industry: Coatings with carbon nanotubes based materials. Aquaculture: environmental friendly nanocomposite coatings for nets.

Carbon Nanotubes

Depending on the application e.g. microelectronics (supercapacitors), composite materials (polymers reinforcement), coatings (anti fouling paints), solar cells, water cleaning (filters), hydrogen and energy storage (fuel cells) , Delta provides carbon nanotubes with the appropriate properties. In order to achieve high standards in quality and purity of the carbon nanotubes a variety of characterization methods is used like: XRD, Raman spectroscopy, TEM, TG/DTG.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

LCCA is an important tool for public services and companies aiming on the evaluation of the most cost effective option during the design and evaluation of products and services. Delta provides methods of LCCA in order to estimate the environmental effect until the end of its like cycle.
– Identification of products, components and services
– Evaluation of steps of the production proccess in which there is margin of impovement.

Other Services:
  • Materials science research
  • Nanotechnology research solutions
  • Research processes upscaling
  • Mechanical design and construction analysis
  • Materials Characterization

About us

Delta offers a spectrum of services concerning design, production and characterization of materials.
Small Scale,
Big Solutions

The key to convert innovation to successful product is the planning of the expertise transference. We support you so you can take advantage of your R&D through international funding and venture capitals with the appropriate global networking.

  • Smart Materials
  • Design
  • NDT & Characterization


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